Only reality



At this time of the morn
Not a sound of a yawn
Air Condition’s constant hum
Like the sound of dripping rum
A thought came running
Bright like a flash of lightning
Twas sweeter than I felt
Wasn’t gonna melt yet
But the shaking was real
Twas really big a deal
But the warmth of the sheets
At this time of the morn
Not a sound of a yawn
And the constant hum
Like dripping rum
Is the only reality
In this locality
That me greets

The Chat


Earthly conversation

Certainly a sensation

On the horizon like a plane
Oh can’t hear but see it in vain

But like a distant flame
Struts a dance on its own game

From the keyboard
All the keywords

This earthly conversation
Is certainly a sensation

Stirs the chambers of the heart
Blurs its howls for a start

Issues promise of a certain certainty
Misuses time aplenty

It’s life and its ways
It’s life and its days




Tis a battle
of the mantle
A sudden state
Am without a mate
Not alone
I alone
Knows this fact
Tis not loneliness
Tis loftiness
That separates
Our fates

From my sure grasp

From my sure grasp you slip
To a mansion of many a plot
Go ye to find your sleep
Therein I too have a private fort
We would’ve strolled there together
Like a bird, in your warmth I’d be singing
Across lavender fields cuddling in weather
Then to our tunes we’d be dancing
But flutter on my own in a whirlwind?
Oh long it’d be before you caught up
Even after we grew feathers in the wind?
And when is the distant day my wait shall erupt
We’d sing again long forgotten song in new dawn
I know my wait would’ve been finally done

Too late! Too early!


Somewhere in the distance
An evidence of existence
Like a sound in the mind
Surely, one of a kind
Weary and pleading
Perhaps bleeding
I hear a faint voice
And I made a choice
Since I could follow it
I would follow it
But I can’t forget the lady over there
So I shan’t leave my memories here
‘Twas sweet! Sweet it was! This dream
So I retreat under the cover of this stream
But somewhere in the distance
There’s an insistence
Like a sound in the mind
An evidence of existence
I hear a call for assistance
Too late! Too early!
Too early! Too late!

Like it’ll last forever


This valley
Seemingly endless
So full of life
Its own strife
Surrounds me
Beautiful as ever
Like it’ll last forever
When I look at you
I know twas a lie
Now I can’t fly
I don’t want to
But like the valley
And its alley
It’ll remain beautiful
As long as I perceive it


Crying child

Crying child

Listen to my brain
Can you hear the pain?
It’s in my eyes falling
Like a brown leaf in the storm
All over my face

Falling in the rain
Softened by a complain
It’s in my groans
A faint and distant voice
Constantly drowning

Listen to my heart
Can you hear two worlds apart?
They’re in my eyes decaying
Like logs in the storm
All over my face

Sweeping in the wind
Congested with hushes of my kind
It’s in their tones
Faint and distant voices
Constantly drowning

He who has ears, hearken!
She who has eyes, observe!
Is it not a burden?
Do we not deserve?

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