Overwhelmed by corruption

I saw the best minds I met at university destroyed by corruption. I smell corruption in the breath of those I meet on the streets to share a buai (betel nut) with. And I sense the ever lurking presence of corruption hovering over my dreams.

The public service machinery, a huge formless and shapeless sculpture of corruption continues to cast a huge dark shadow over PNG. State corporations embrace corruption in its most deceptive forms. Many individuals brag openly about their adventures of theft from and con deals with certain government departments. Pastors and church elders, who overwhelmed by corruption’s mystique, have opted to trade their sanities for its charms. Even women folks sell their hearts to this insanity.

Many make a decent living from it and think and talk about it almost every day – it is their way of life, it is their culture. The same joyously ridicule those who could not steal to live decent lives and call them names such as ‘pipia’ or ‘rabis’ (rubbish).

Corruption’s unhindered growth and consequent incorporation into our way of life mocks our very own Melanesian culture we so proudly hold up for the world to see. It had effortlessly strolled on our streets, entered homes and into kitchens and bedrooms; cloth and feed innocent children, paid for school fees, compensations, bride prices and for guns used in tribal fights and other evil deeds.

I could not see a hill or a valley not covered by darkening clouds. It is difficult to see clearly! It is hard to breathe easily! O how we languish in the shadow of corruption while we turn and twist restlessly in its filth!

Is there still any place untouched by corruption? How many are out there, who have not yet caught the corruption fever? Who can redeem us? Tell me, any brave one! Sing it out loud before all hope is lost.

Corruption is truly entrenched in our way of life; it appears many generations will have to pass before its suffocating tentacles are burnt to ashes in the bond fires of PNG’s faithful sons and daughters.


About febijefwhispers
I love reading and writing poetry!

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