Sir Michael: Rumour mongering is disrespectful and an act of desperation


I write this not because I support Sir Michael, but I think he deserves my respect regardless of what I think of him.

Of late a rumour on the death of Sir Michael has been widely circulated in PNG and overseas. Whoever is responsible for this is hard to determine.

Many of Sir Michael’s sympathizers are fuming over this and have gone out to prove the rumour is what it is – a rumour and does not contain any truth.

I would like to think that many of his political opponents are not happy such a rumour is spreading all over PNG, basically because it is disrespectful and could potentially paint a bad picture of them.

I did not for once think that it was a mere disrespectful gesture towards Sir Michael; rather, it was an act of desperation by the originator(s) of this rumour.

Why is it an act of desperation?

Prior to PNG’s independence Sir Michael won his political fight in East Sepik’s political ring. Then successfully led PNG to independence by holding together a thousand tribes in his web of charismatic leadership; brewed from the mysterious Haus Tambaran.

Ever since he has been the champion of East Sepik and has captured the PNG title several times. Who in PNG has achieved such feat? He is PNG’s current political champion – king of the ring!

If anyone wants him out, Sir Michael must be defeated in the ring and not outside. Inside the ring is where the champion must be dignifiedly defeated so that his opponents can celebrate a meaningful celebration.

When Sir Michael cannot be defeated due to his opponents’ lack of skills and credibility; rumour mongering becomes an easy way out. It is an act that fills the rumour monger(s) with jealous satisfaction over what is essentially a waste of time.

The fact of the matter is Sir Michael’s gigantic and somewhat (recently) disfigured persona continues to haunt his opponents and many find this unbearable.

It is an illusion to believe this rumour will hurt Sir Michael’s chances to regain his rightful place as PNG’s chief executive.

Rumour mongering is an act of desperation because the rumour monger cannot with all he got defeat Sir Michael where it matters most.

If his opponents want him out, they must defeat him in the ring. It is presumably the only place to defeat Sir Michael that can bring about genuine and real satisfaction.


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One Response to Sir Michael: Rumour mongering is disrespectful and an act of desperation

  1. Don Tapio says:

    I would strongly agree with this statement Mr Febi. This despicable act can only be percieved as Sir Michael’s oponents are ‘Desperate’.

    This observation is becomming all too common in PNG politics: ‘Mud throwing and spreading malice and lies about leaders/ politicians who out qualify/perform their competitors. People like Sir Mekere, Paias Wingti, Bire Kimisopa, Puka Temu, Pundari, Ipatas, Aigiru, Duma, to name a few, have had there share of these rumor mongers at their behest…like rabid dogs spreading disease anong people’s minds.

    These rumor-mongers typically do not have a clear grasp of what they regurgiate to a ready audience of ignorant conscience-depraved idling-idiots who are ready to believe a lie if it makes them feel good..LOL.

    What are/is the alternatives?

    If you are one of these people, please stop and think about the ‘Common Good’ thats is ‘benefit blon yu yet Vs Benefit blon Community’.

    There is hope for people who are willing to work hard and organise themselves/families. Education and Money, if you don’t have that, your children will still be rumor-mongering twenty years from now.



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