Picture by Jeffry Feeger

Hi Jeffry, I only recently stumbled upon your FB page. I confess I was lost for words…you’re truly gifted. After viewing all, I was touched by the current wall photo and felt the eyes were communicating with me. I thought I could hear her and what she wants to convey. I felt compelled that I wrote a poetry piece which I will post here. Though you painted for Bougainville, I think this wonderful painting can also represents the youthful PNG nation and all the dreams and hopes we have. See poem below!




A new Bougainville

Painting by Jeffrey Feeger


Look into those eyes


See those eyes; wide open staring at you;

They hold secrets, a thousand secrets

Lying bare on a vast ocean


Look into the gleaming eyes,

Do you see a thousand tales that beckon you?

O go ye, they are fair and life abound


Now do you see a thousand dancers,

Gaily dance in soothing breezes?

Do you hear a thousand songs from

Mountains misty to valleys beautiful,

And over dreaming seas?


Look again; deeply! into those eyes;

Do you see a thousand flames reaching out,

While dancing haphazardly?


And, do you hear a thousand cries, from

Mountains misty to valleys beautiful,

While the winds sweep the shores?


Do you see idle rocks sitting on shores,

And watch as waves in loud collisions crash,

Then echo across valleys until mountains,

And disappear into rain clouds?


Look into those eyes; do you see everything?



Poem by Jeffrey Febi and Picture by Jeffry Feeger


The sun has set


On the sudden fall of NA government led by Sam Abal; and the ensuing court challenges to nullify the election of the new government.


The continuous sun has set abruptly

While I was slowly preparing to observe

Its final rays attempt to cling on

But devoured quickly coz they don’t deserve

To see another new dawn

Its vast field of long green weeds

Whose eyes are full of love

And hearts are full of lust;

Will ever receive love from above?

Or will they turn to dust?

Will the sun ever rise again for them?

In the field of weeds I’d like to dance

That is no more green and tall

And when wind sweeps, make romance

Over dry and withered who’ll fall.

But now I hear high voices

Bellowing from the mighty house

Whose wardrobes are full of black gowns,

Therein, will there be a rat or a mouse

Who can stop their sundowns?

Will their sun ever rise again?

Dance of the wind, I’d like to see

Over the field of brown weeds.

Blown away until the field is free

Not eve a trace of their seeds.

A place without name we seek

Our political leaders fight amongst themselves for power while the little people continue to suffer. Our sufferings seem endless but certainly our dreams will lead us to a better PNG someday. How we get there, and what kind of PNG we want to see is only a dream, but that doesn’t mean we should give up. Time (tireless hand) continues and it is up to us to be agent of change; even if it means suffer to slowly make our way to that PNG we want to live in.


Did the play of mighty tongues,

Harass your wretched heart once,

Twice, then more than many times;

Then your dream haunts,

While, away tireless hand chimes?

Did the play of mighty tongues,

Your dream on a journey forces,

When the storms were unkind;

Then send it on unplanned courses,

On many a different wind?

I too have a heart broken,

With a dream restless and old;

That yearns to journey to a place,

Gentle whispers, us have told

Is full of wondrous grace.

Will you join me on a journey to this

Noble place without a name;

A name you and I would give,

While we play our own game

And live and let live.

But I can’t promise a smooth trip;

Our dreams, our wrath will keep,

And our hearts will find a way.

We may all the way creep,

But surely we will not stray.

Let the rhythm of our hearts,

And song of a place without name,

Deliver us strength to sweat.

Getting there is our noble aim

And this we will not regret.

Hey, did I see a flicker in your heart,

Through holes in the wretched one?

The flicker in my heart dance,

And though there’ll be no sun,

We surely will make our advance.

A place without name we seek;

We must not be meek;

A place without name we seek;

We must no be weak?

A place without name we seek.

Polye at it again!


KANDEP MP Don Polye said he is the National Alliance deputy leader of the highlands bloc in the new Peter O’Neill-led government.

Polye in his congratulatory message in parliament yesterday afternoon said he was proud to form a new government that would provide a new style of leadership.

“I am proud that we have now a new government that will not be based on materialism and power-hunger but that will restore credibility, integrity and values that we have lost,” he said.

“Why my team decided to break ranks is because we want a change for the better.”

Polye said he was not happy with how some government issues, including the misuse of public funds, had been addressed although they had been brought up many times in cabinet. “If we do not do anything about them, we are equally guilty of not correcting them. My team crossed over to the opposition to be with likeminded leaders who are not after material things.”

He also paid tribute and expressed his sympathy to former prime minister Sir Michael Somare who is sick in Singapore, saying he was a great leader and friend.

“We cannot allow the country to go on as it is, my crossing is justified that we want to see change.”

The above were the words from Don Polye as reported in the National today. The disgraced government minister who was overlooked for the Acting Prime Minister’s job and subsequently dumped from the cabinet by the then Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal.

I honestly did not know whether to believe or not these were Don’s words. Please put your hands up if you belive these were the words that Don spoke.

“I am proud that we have now a new government that will not be based on materialism and power-hunger but that will restore credibility, integrity and values that we have lost,” .

Don’s actions leading up to the overthrow of Sam Abal’s government speaks otherwise. Credibility, integrity and values were lost eons ago and he opted to be with Sir Michael until Sam Abal beat him to the PM’s post.

He continued; “Why my team decided to break ranks is because we want a change for the better.”

Wasn’t PNG crying for change well before Sam Abal? Sir Temu and Mr Namah heard us and crossed the floor while you embraced a lie and fed your dreams of one day sitting in PM’s seat and stayed on.

Further, “If we do not do anything about them, we are equally guilty of not correcting them. My team crossed over to the opposition to be with likeminded leaders who are not after material things.”

This has got to be the biggest lie of yesterday.

Don failed to push for the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the daylight theft of the Highlands Highways Rehabilitation Funds and he was the Works minister when that happened.

I sincerely hope, the crave to see a new PM and consequent hype surrounding the election of the new PM will not make PNGeans forget this politician and of course the new PM’s pasts.

Matrilineality: women are powerful than men


Basically the reason for the move to reserve 22 seats in parliament for women is because, since independence , they have very little or at times no representation in parliament. And I totally support this move not because women are women but because this gender in PNG has been marginalised and prejudiced long enough.

It is easy to understand why this has been the case. Many of our traditional customs do not recognise women as people who could potentially speak and act on behalf of a community. And further, despite the gains in technology and knowledge, the bulk of PNG’s population are ignorant multitudes who are illiterates living in rural areas and urban settlements and are not really aware of current trends.

Certain societies in PNG however, are matrilineal in nature. Wikipedia defines matrilineality as a societal system in which one belongs to one’s matriline or mother’s lineage, which can involve the inheritance of property and/or titles.

Notice ‘which can involve inheritance of property and/or titles’, interests me a great deal. This line in other words mean women in matrilineal societies are powerful than man. My ignorance however, of the inner workings of matrilineal societies’ leadership structure may lead me to err but traditionally women in matrilineal societies are the bosses of the land and anything that grows, flows, or sits on it. They make decisions pertaining to land issues and men usually stand by and watch unless they are called on to participate. In essence, women are leaders in matrilineal societies.

Men in patrilineal societies are voted into parliament because of the age old practice of recognising men only as leaders. Similarly, women in matrilineal societies should have been voted into parliament. The question is why has this not happened?

I believe matrilineal societies in PNG can lead the way by voting more women into parliament and thereby exposing to patrilineal societies the trend the modern world has taken. Don’t get me wrong; educated few in patrilineal societies are doing their bit to educate the vast ignorant populace but this will take time.

If we’re serious about recognising women as leaders, reserving 22 seats in parliament is not a noble way to start with; voting them into parliament is. Since matrilineal societies recognise women as leaders, it wouldn’t hurt to start with them.

Meanwhile, the Somare led government continues to be dazzled by its own growing size and power that this important issue is not seriously considered and fastracked. Let us hope the new Prime Minister will ensure this important legislation gets passed before 2012.


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