Picture by Jeffry Feeger

Hi Jeffry, I only recently stumbled upon your FB page. I confess I was lost for words…you’re truly gifted. After viewing all, I was touched by the current wall photo and felt the eyes were communicating with me. I thought I could hear her and what she wants to convey. I felt compelled that I wrote a poetry piece which I will post here. Though you painted for Bougainville, I think this wonderful painting can also represents the youthful PNG nation and all the dreams and hopes we have. See poem below!




A new Bougainville

Painting by Jeffrey Feeger


Look into those eyes


See those eyes; wide open staring at you;

They hold secrets, a thousand secrets

Lying bare on a vast ocean


Look into the gleaming eyes,

Do you see a thousand tales that beckon you?

O go ye, they are fair and life abound


Now do you see a thousand dancers,

Gaily dance in soothing breezes?

Do you hear a thousand songs from

Mountains misty to valleys beautiful,

And over dreaming seas?


Look again; deeply! into those eyes;

Do you see a thousand flames reaching out,

While dancing haphazardly?


And, do you hear a thousand cries, from

Mountains misty to valleys beautiful,

While the winds sweep the shores?


Do you see idle rocks sitting on shores,

And watch as waves in loud collisions crash,

Then echo across valleys until mountains,

And disappear into rain clouds?


Look into those eyes; do you see everything?



Poem by Jeffrey Febi and Picture by Jeffry Feeger


About febijefwhispers
I love reading and writing poetry!

3 Responses to Poetry

  1. The Great Stare

    Stare, just stare at me
    Stare at me coz I am free
    Stare from a car
    Stare from a far

    Stare from your fences
    Stare from defenses
    Stare closely at me
    Stare at your enemy

    Stare as they beat me up
    Stare at my bitter cup
    Stare at me you thief
    Stare at my endless grief

    Stare, don’t stare at me
    Stare at disunity
    Stare at what you create
    Stare at all the Hate

    Stare coz you are blind
    Stare at those behind
    Stare at your richness
    Stare at their emptiness

    Stare, you’re finally cursed
    Stare at your wounded chest
    Stare at your empty heart
    Stare as it’s torn apart

  2. PNG Airlines inflight magazine Our Way (volume 19) featured a story on Jeffry titled Magic Realism – Profile of a PNG Artist. It was very inspirational and entertaining.

    • FEBIJEF says:

      Hi Bernard,

      Hope your arvo has been good so far. I really am a fan of Jeffry Feeger’s work. He’s a real genius when it comes to captureing PNG and all its complexities in art.

      This poem I wrote, happened after I saw that particular painting. It was like I traveled through those eyes wide opened and saw beautiful islands and people but the scenes changed becoming more and more turbulent. It was my imagination’s attempt to depict what is happening in our beautiful country PNG.

      Thanks for commenting.

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