Poetry – we don’t sing anymore

A sonnet to Facebook group ‘Poetry PNG’

Here! Comfort and solace we seek. Where we love and beloved.
Once a promise I smell; of together hearkening to sounds of poetry;
Of to the beat of alliterations together dancing;
Of together in fields of metaphor, cuddling and be cheery;
Of through the bars of many a rhyme kissing.

Of a romance ever growing between us – you and I – feeding on abstractions.
Words don’t mean what they seem and substance of verses reaches beyond yonder.
When ocean isn’t deep, deeper we went; almost into bliss and we did dance.
Pity! Our true love, how its symbols we do not have anymore I wonder.
Words mean what they seem and before yonder are our verses’ substance.

Dance I can’t no more when there is no beat! But you dance still,
Nor kiss you if there are no bars! But kiss oh kiss you will.
How I yearn you must know, for a return to the true ways,
Ever so close to the fields of metaphors – our true place.


About febijefwhispers
I love reading and writing poetry!

One Response to Poetry – we don’t sing anymore

  1. Sophie Sergio Aglua says:

    I like

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