White Garas

MI lukim wait garas

Ino wan wan

Olsem garas blo Mosbi

Tingim garas taim ren pundaun 

Insait lo body singaut 16

Garas tok ‘o ye lapun’

Mi yet belhot lo giaman blo Eda Ranu

Tasol PNG Power e nogat power

Harim kaikai lek na stap isi

Wait garas tok pasim! 

No sem ha?

Lapun na wip yet!


Paint your world 

If the sky is grey

Would you blow it white?

If the grass is brown

Would you water it green?

If Santa arrives in red

Would you wear her blue?

But should the streets bleed red

Blame it on Santa, only Santa

Didn’t he allow all watering holes open?

Hang on, I just saw green-yellow, grey-blue

Oh and red-orange dancing, dancing

And I’ll dance with them and paint my world

Ye paint my world yellow!

My road is unlike a river

This road is unlike a river

Though like a river it meanders

With large and tiny bends

And mighty and feeble swirls

Oft in silence and secrecy

Though like a river it braids

With channels like blood veins

And many an eroding bank

Oft with energetic sound

This road is unlike a river

I am certain of it

Like the Okuk Highway

Like the Hiritano Highway

It goes uphill and into the clouds

It goes through countless swamps

This road is certainly unlike a river

Though it becomes murky at times

And clear at other times

You can’t drink off it

Nor bath in it

This road…is my road.

Smile blo politiks

Yu smile nogut tru

Smile ya luk osem nupla flawa

Mi bekim smile bliu kwikwan 

Smile blo mi klostu winim Sun

Mitla holim pass hatwan

Mi tin mi harim lewa bliu kus

Klostu yu stopim win mi pulim

Bihain lo olgeta gudla toktok

Na kain kain style handshake

Mi sekim pocket na bilum

Yu kaikai buai pinis na askim lo buspe

Pocket buruk so mi tok bye-bye

Mi smile ken same time kilaut I pairap

Flawa fast wan pasim eye

Na yu pulim win inogat sweet lem

Mi wokabaut go na pilim osem rabis 

Yu wokabaut go na kilaut haitim yu

Aiyo disla smile yah mi tok

Em smile blo politiks tasol

Through a wall of flesh

Imprint of a palm I see

Could be a tiny foot

Then the moment of motions

Random and haphazard

You weary? Unhappy? Mad?

Or just knock-around?


But moments of no motions

Become eons of momentous wondering

The silence that follows

Forces behind bony cages

Throbbing heart beats to be heard


And now is the appointed time

A new world awaits

Come out of the watery world

Of the comfort of darkness

Dislodge from the line of life


Warm and empty palms await

Throbbing hearts be beating

On Mother’s Day

Would you be a gift


I speak as if you could hear

I smiled as if you could see

But I know you feel me

Through a wall of flesh



Wishing on a new star
Perhaps a mind game
It’ll be a compliment
Certainly an excitement
My world’s gonna be brighter
It’s the future
There’s a new star
Wishing on a Dame?
Guessing game on
Could be a Don!

Cacophony of quacks

This orchestra
A cacophony of quacks
Quacks of love
Unlike the ducks
Small and loud
Like toads
They are toads
Ugly, perhaps like me
Sing we do
Rhythmic love songs
Under cover of rain
This Moresby rain
Sing we do
Like toads
Sing we do
Like toads
Perhaps like ugly me


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