Rain rant

Rain hariap tru yu ronowe
Olsem man gat tarabol
Mipela wait natin na belhot
Ino longtaim simuk paia bai kirap
Na ologeta kolos laplap blon yu ba paia
Olsem lip blo garas taim paia kukim
Yu laik kisim pasin blo gavaman o?
“Sevis ba kam, sevis ba kam”, na wea sevis!
Mekim na mi sanap redi natin lo waswas
Plenti witness lukim andapens blo mi ya!

Worried Dad

​My dear child on my lap / Her immediate future in my hands / But what of her long term future? / Hoping to not be the man to tell her / How my generation did little / Almost nothing constructive to end it all / So the culprits live on another day / Each day growing richer / Most powerful by the dark of night / As I breath the winds of despair / I dream hard for your future / My child, my child, my child!

​National General Elections 2017: the EHP Governor Seat is not for idiots.

The Governor for Eastern Highlands presides over a linguistically most diverse people in Papua New Guinea.
A people whose rich traditional histories and diversities have forged a common identity in the mythical half-man Nokondi.
Eastern Highlanders are coffee farmers by far and large and Eastern Highlands is arguably the coffee capital of the South Pacific.
A niche based on seasonal coffee blossoms have birthed a coffee culture now intricately interwoven with the old.
Isn’t it any wonder why this people haven’t made coffee drinking a culture yet?
In their diversities, Eastern Highlanders created history in the National Elections in 2012 by electing the first female Governor in Papua New Guinea.
A history to be proud of as a matter of fact.
However, with the 2017 National Elections looming, ordinary Eastern Highlanders have taken to social media their grievances.
Not surprisingly the streets too are inundated with voices of desent.
A collective majority is calling for the demise of the ncumbent governor.
Her apparent failure to manage successfully a diversity being one of the reasons.
While others prefer not naturalized citizens, alleged fraudsters were condemned outright.
Even village leaders without a professional qualification were shunned.
The clergy interestingly were encouraged to continue on their noble profession of saving souls.
And retired public servants were cautioned to enjoy retirement in relative peace and comfort.
Meanwhile, an interesting new group, ‘recent university graduates’, weren’t spared the sword of criticism either.
Their apparent lack of maturity and professional work experiences being their major drawbacks.
So who then should Eastern Highlanders elect to occupy the Governor’s seat post 2017 National Elections?
Many commentators prefer candidates;
1. who have been living in the Eastern Highlands and be known to have been assisting and contributing towards solving problems in communities.

2. in a financially sound position.

3. who are comparably well educated with a professional carrier and also well versed in political matters.
A candidate with these attributes however wouldn’t make a good governor. Eastern Highlanders deserve better.
Someone who is articulate and fluent in dealing with a diverse people. Someone who could inspire through innovation and creativity. Someone who could lead the province with assertiveness to achieve important developmental goals and aspirations of EHP and by extension PNG.
It is therefore important to seek the best. And the best maybe handing in plain sight.

National General Elections 2017: a desire to change, the ignoramus and the enlightened – a perspective from Lufa.

Papua New Guinea is only weeks from the 2017 National General Elections. 
Next crop of legislators from among thousands of men and women of all persuasions would be elected.
Whether the next parliament post 2017 elections be any better is easy to predict: highly unlikely. 
Lufa Open Electorate is anticipating a long-awaited change of guard; which probably could set solid foundations for its long and unknown journey further into the 21st century.
The business of convincing and luring voters has become an evolving art form. A difficult task too, as a consequence of the established political culture the so called tribal-politics.
Only a few so far, of long serving politicians have managed to master it.
Potential voters come in contrasting persuasions too. A broad array of categorisation befits this group.
Only two general descriptions are used here: the political ignoramus and the politically enlightened.
Firstly, the ignoramus is the biggest group. They don’t get tossed around easily by the political whirlwind that blows every election year. Rather, they chain themselves firmly to the sophistication of tribal-politics.
Herein, an oasis of satisfaction and security are guaranteed.
To win their support, a preferable approach is to get dirty with tribal politicking.
This essentially means to forgo ‘high-level’ politics. In that, discussions of policy, economy, corruption, international politics and etc should and must be limited.
It is vital to work within the established traditional social structures and systems. And a deeper understanding of the workings of tribal connections and associated customary obligations is helpful.
To work outside of these traditional setups is counterproductive and may derail one’s political aspirations.
The enlightened, on the other hand get tossed around by the so called political whirlwind.
Their desires to remain politically correct and relevant in a fluid political landscape ensures they seek and align with favourable party policies, and therefore political parties.
Political parties however, have very similar policies. Many of them are actually copies dressed in different order of wordings.
Consequently, the task of choosing a political party becomes tricky. And the disillusioned gradually descend to petty politicking and eventually find conformity with tribal-politics. 
The danger unfortunately, is this disillusioned lot’s amazing capability to twist, distort, influence and create perceptions at the village level. An unfortunate reality to say the least.
The prevalence of tribal -political culture, characterised by epic proportions of political illiteracy in Lufa is the work of this disillusioned group.
Others however, remain true to their respective journeys to seek political enlightenment. They do so at all costs, even refusing to participate in elections should tribal-politics surpress their political views.
Unbeknown to others, this small group faithfully keeps alive a political hope for Lufa. A hope to make PNG accept Lufa as an equal partner in running the affairs of PNG.
Some day soon this group would pull Lufa out of its abyss of ignorance and self inflicted coma.
When? One might ask. Perhaps in this election. Perhaps not!
It would be possible when the politically enlightened becomes strong enough to exert tangible influence over tribal-politics and consequently change perceptions.
But would the enlightened make a firm decision this year?
The need for change has never been so profound. It’s shining bright like a star. And its radiance is one of positivity.
Should the political ignoramus and the politically enlightened find common ground in the coming elections, Lufa’s change of guard is certain.
Otherwise tribal-politics would continue to maintain a stranglehold over Lufa for ages yet.

Awaiting another star

Even if it was similar to a torment!

Everything rushing by in a torrent.

Then drunk in the hype and hoopla

Dance even in the accompanying boredom

When a star glitter

Drunk even more

Another star lights up your universe

Beautiful, isn’t it!

Moments of labour

Moons tell me nine times

I want it right now however

But a star only shines when it shines

So I await another star

Two moons it is I shall wait

My star! My star! 

It will be two!

I smirk at death

Lay your venomous claim

Like a viper waiting to maim

From the start, isn’t it your duty?

At you smirk I for you’re a deputy

Imprisoned from beautiful Eden

Such an everlasting burden

The stuff of stars, beautiful is life

Beyond your earthly strife

In your rectangular plots there’s no sigh

Unlike life like stars ever always high

Go on you scrupulous egomaniac

Like the dark, you’re just pitch black

Never will you see a rainbow

Nor its glorious afterglow

Surely, an appointed time await

I know for certain you’ll be late

Like a rainbow I’d have been done

Before the rain begun

I may not be alone

There’s a new bird

Singing a new song

Atop the Tree of Old

When a spring is born

There’s a new ray

From the Sun of Old

Gleaming anew

Where the dew is fresh

There’s a silent whisper

Amidst the winds of past

There’s a new shadow

Unlike the Shadow of Old

It’s writting on a new wall

Written by new fingers

It’s a new image in a photo

Sillhouette of the Originator

I may not be alone

There’s another loner

It could be myself

Nah! It couldn’t be me


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