Through a wall of flesh

Imprint of a palm I see

Could be a tiny foot

Then the moment of motions

Random and haphazard

You weary? Unhappy? Mad?

Or just knock-around?


But moments of no motions

Become eons of momentous wondering

The silence that follows

Forces behind bony cages

Throbbing heart beats to be heard


And now is the appointed time

A new world awaits

Come out of the watery world

Of the comfort of darkness

Dislodge from the line of life


Warm and empty palms await

Throbbing hearts be beating

On Mother’s Day

Would you be a gift


I speak as if you could hear

I smiled as if you could see

But I know you feel me

Through a wall of flesh



Wishing on a new star
Perhaps a mind game
It’ll be a compliment
Certainly an excitement
My world’s gonna be brighter
It’s the future
There’s a new star
Wishing on a Dame?
Guessing game on
Could be a Don!

Cacophony of quacks

This orchestra
A cacophony of quacks
Quacks of love
Unlike the ducks
Small and loud
Like toads
They are toads
Ugly, perhaps like me
Sing we do
Rhythmic love songs
Under cover of rain
This Moresby rain
Sing we do
Like toads
Sing we do
Like toads
Perhaps like ugly me

Happy New Year, 2016

On the eve of the birth of a brand new year 2016, friends, I dedicate this piece to you all.

Birth of a new day
Its infancy’s rays
Glow with excitement
In constant agreement
Perhaps with yesterday
In its own way
Or with tomorrow
Will its sorrow
And the grumbles
Or will its sorrow
With the wind be blown
Into yesterday’s oblivion?

Like a leaf in spring time
Fresh and determined
Take on a new self
You might be just what you needed.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, 2016.

In uncertain minds

Just like naughty kids

With uncertain minds

And evergreen rhinorrhea

With scruffy looks

And pooppy diapers

Worst of all

The verbal diarrhoea

Stinks up the place

Even a cyclone can’t dispose

Scent of ages hence

Marks a journey downhill

As I live on perched up

High in uncertain minds

I may not be alone

There’s a new bird
Singing a new song
Atop the Tree of old
When a spring is born

There’s a new ray
From the Sun of old
Gleaming anew
Where the dew is fresh

There’s a silent whisper
Amidst the winds of past
There’s a new shadow
Silhouette of an elder

I may not be alone
There’s another loner
It could be myself
Nah! It couldn’t be me

The other side

Where lights of dawn crash and burn

Amidst tranquilityy of its silence

Whose dusts never rise an inch

Lying still in perpetual sleep

Tis a place sleep never cease

Rest is always taken for granted

But unused dreams rise up like mountains

And continue to grow like the Himalaya

O’ the other side

Never once a delinquent’s abode

Every man free to his own plot

Every woman is single

Time can’t its patience measure

Nor can priests its faults find

Men can’t its daughters defile

Nor can pestilences its sons afflict

Absolute freedom I desire

That which is found only in you

Take my hand but not just yet

Let me fill my cup of dreams

Where dark of night is forgotten

And dawn is not anticipated

What really is dusk then?

Would I ever know the answer?

My fore fathers chose you

This other side

It is but my right to choose you too

When my time is right


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